If you have been to www.talentappstore.com and used the 'Sign up' button (top right corner) and your own credentials to create an account on behalf of your organization, then the next step is to create a tenant.  The account you created is called the 'Owner' account and is associated with the email address you have used.

Within an owner account, there can be one or more tenants - each tenant relates to one instance of an ecosystem.  The tenant contains whatever apps have been installed and links those apps together so that they share data between themselves.  Some examples of tenants might be:

  1. An organization has only one tenant which is the home for their production careers environment which has all of the apps they require installed.
  2. An organization who has three tenants which are nearly the same; a live production environment, a sandbox environment and a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment. Each tenant would be set up as their own tenant - the required apps would be installed for each tenant.


  • When signing up for an account on www.talentappstore.com you will be asked to agree to the Talent App Store terms of use.  If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to create a tenant /install an app (you will be prompted with this message each time you try until you agree):

  • After you have agreed to these Talent App Store account terms, you can refer to them at any time using the links in the bottom left hand corner of the site: