This article provides information on using the 'Sign in with Email' app installed in a tenant and linked to another app/system.

This app allows people to sign in or sign up to the linked app/system using credentials (email address and password) stored within that system.

Key features

  1. Sign in panel:  Allows existing account holders to sign in to the linked app/system using an email address and valid password.
  2. Sign up panel:  Allows visitors to the site to 'sign up' (please note that this panel is only available where the principle type setting of the app is 'Candidate').  After completing the sign up details (above), and clicking the 'Sign up' button, the candidate receives an email with a link to verify their account.
  3. Provides a 'Forgot password' option for existing account holders to reset their password.  After launching the 'forgot password' process, the candidate receives an email with a link to reset their password.
  4. Provides a link to the 'terms' of the Talent App Store (these are our standard terms, they are not open to customization by your organization).
  5. Provides a link to the 'privacy policy' of the Talent App Store.  The Talent App Store privacy policy will always appear, but if your organisation has specified a customized policy for your app/system (in the tenant settings) it will be made available in addition to the Talent App Store privacy policy.  For example, the statement would say 'Signing in means you're OK with XXX's privacy policy and Talent App Store's terms and privacy policy.' (where XXX is your tenant name).

More information ...

If you require more information about how this app works, please contact Support.