This article describes how to setup your organizations identity in LinkedIn.  Once setup, you can use the Client ID and client secret information to configure the 'Sign in with LinkedIn' app available from the Talent App Store.  Please note, to complete this process you will need a LinkedIn account.

Setup steps

  1. Login to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Go to https://www.linkedin.com/developer/apps to see the 'My Applications' page.
  3. Click on an existing application, or click the "Create Application' button:

  4. If you've opened an existing App, click on Settings in the left-hand navigation menu.
    If a new app, the 'Create a New Application' form will appear.  Complete all of the required information, then click Submit.
  5. Under Authorized Redirect URLS please copy and paste the following link: https://is.talentappstore.com:443/commonauth and click the Add button
  6. Add the URL of your careers site to the Default "Accept" Redirect URL and to the Default "Cancel" Redirect URL.
  7. Press the update button
  8. Under settings, change your app to live and press update.
  9. Under Authentication the applications authentication information will appear.  This includes your Client ID and Client Secret information which you will need in order to install the 'Sign in with LinkedIn' identity app: