This article describes how to setup your organizations identity in Google.  Once setup, you can use the client ID and client secret information to configure the 'Sign in with Google' app available from the Talent App Store.

Before you start

To complete this process you will need:

  1. A Google account.
  2. The logo for your app - for Google this must be an image with a max size of 120 x 120 px and be available from a URL (e.g. http://www.example.com/logo.png).

Setup steps

  1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com
  2. From the 'Project' drop-down menu either
    1. Select an existing project, and then choose Library in the left-hand navigation panel.
    2. Select 'Create project' and provide the required information (project name, agree to terms of service etc).

  3. In the 'Social APIs' section, click the 'Google+ API' link:

  4. In the API information screen that opens, click Enable (at the top):

  5. From the navigation panel on the left, select 'Credentials', then 'Create credentials', and then "OAuth client ID".
  6. NEW PROJECTS ONLY:  If you are working in a new project you'll now need to click the 'Configure consent screen' button and provide the required details (e.g. Product name shown to users), then click the Save button.
  7. For Application type, select the ‘Web Application’:

  8. Enter a name.
  9. For 'Authorized JavaScript origins', copy and paste this link: https://is.talentappstore.com
  10. For 'Authorized redirect URLs', first copy and paste this link:  https://is.talentappstore.com/commonauth and then press tab (to create a second link field).  Then copy and paste this link into the second field:  https://is.talentappstore.com:443/commonauth
  11. Click ‘Create’.
  12. The screen will update and the OAuth client information will be shown - this includes your client ID and client secret key information which you will need later to install the 'Sign in with Google' identity app.  For example:

  13. Use the copy buttons at the end of the client ID and client secret information to copy your information (If you forget to use these copy buttons, or you wish to find this information at a later date, it is available at the top of the screen when you click into the web application from the Credentials screen).
  14. Click OK to close the notification window.  You will be returned to the Credentials page and you will see your web application you have just created in the list.
  15. Click on the 'OAuth consent screen' tab above the credentials:

  16. In this OAuth consent screen form:
    1. Homepage URL:  Enter the URL of your careers site.
    2. Product logo URL:  Enter the URL of your logo.
    3. Privacy policy URL:  Provide the Privacy Policy URL for your app (or leave blank to use the Aotal default privacy policy).
    4. Terms of service URL:  Provide the Terms of Service URL for your app (or leave blank to use the Aotal default terms of service policy).
    5. Click Save.