This article describes how to setup your organizations identity in Facebook.  Once setup, you can use the 'App ID' and 'App secret' information to configure the 'Sign in with Facebook' app available from the Talent App Store.

Before you start

To complete this process you will need:

  • The logo for your app - for Facebook this must be an image size of 1024 x 1024.
  • A Facebook developer account - if you don't already have a Facebook developer account you can upgrade your personal Facebook account as detailed below:
    1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com 
    2. Login to your existing Facebook account.
    3. Click the Register button.  You will then be asked to accept the related Facebook policies:  

    4. Click Yes, then the 'Register' button.  The registration confirmation will be displayed:

    5. Click the 'Create App ID' button to start the app setup (then follow the setup steps outlined below starting from step 3).

Setup steps for Facebook

  1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/ and login to your Facebook developer account.
  2. In the My Apps drop down box in the top right corner, click an existing app or select 'Add a new app'.
  3. If adding a new app:
    1. Provide a Display Name for your app.
    2. Check/update the Contact Email and select a Category for your app.
    3. Click Create App ID button.
    4. Complete the Security Check, and then the app will be created.
    5. The Product Setup screen will appear, click the 'Get started' button to the right of Facebook Login to add the 'Facebook Login' product setup to the left-hand navigation menu (if for any reason this isn't showing, you can click '+ Add product' at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu):

  4. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Settings:

  5. The Basic settings for the app will be displayed:
    1. The App ID and the App secret information will be displayed.  Make a note of this information as you will need it later install the 'Sign in with Facebook' identity app (use the Show button to see the secret info).
    2. Then complete these fields:
      1. App Domains:  Enter the URL of your careers site.
      2. Privacy Policy URL: Provide the Privacy Policy URL for your app (or leave blank to use the Aotal default privacy policy).
      3. Terms of Service URL:  Provide the Terms of Service URL for your app (or leave blank to use the Aotal default terms of service policy).
      4. App Icon:  Upload the logo for your app.
      5. Click the '+ Add Platform' button at the bottom of the settings, then choose Website. The Website section will now appear in the basic settings.  In the 'Site URL' field of this section, enter the URL of your careers site (exactly as you did in the 'App Domains' field).
      6. Save your changes.
  6. In the left-hand navigation menu, under Settings click on Advanced.  Keep all of the defaults which appear, but check that the 'Server IP Whitelist' field is empty.  Save your changes if you have made any.
  7. In the left-hand navigation menu, click the 'App Review' menu option.  You will see the app is not public ('Your app is in development and unavailable to the public') - click Yes and confirm live and available to the public:
  8. In the left-hand navigation menu, under the 'Facebook Login' heading, click 'Settings':

  9. In the 'Valid OAuth redirect URIs' field, enter https://is.talentappstore.com/commonauth :

  10. Click Save changes.